Frick & Frack

Ok, so their names aren’t really Frick & Frack.  They are Saki and Linus, our two cats, and they are absolutely deserving of their own blog post.  So here it is!

The two of them are inseparable best friends.  They cuddle.  They wrestle.  They lick each other incessantly.  And they are two of the neediest cats I’ve ever seen.  Both of them are on top of us constantly.

Linus, the small black cat with one eye, is a skiddish little fellow.  When we adopted him, it took him 3 days to come out from under a cabinet in our bathroom.  I have watched him transform into the sweetest, most affectionate cat, who just happens to be afraid of his own shadow.  Linus insists on sitting with me in the rocking chair when I nurse the baby.  The fun part of this interaction is keeping an eight month old’s attention on nursing when there is a small furry monster climbing over him!  Giggles and laughs ensue.  Linus also has a bad habit of letting out a loud “MEEEEOOOOOW” at the least opportune times, like right when I’ve gotten the baby to drift off to sleep!  He will push the nursery door open, and scream at me, just as I’m putting the baby in the crib, which inevitably wakes the baby up.  But it’s impossible to stay mad at Linus.  He also sits on the nursery floor each evening as my son and I play quietly before bed.  He puts up with the grabs and jabs of an eight month old like a champ, and even seeks out the baby’s hand for attention.  Then he follows me to our bedroom, climbs into bed with me, and curls up in my arms for the night.  If I go to bed before Linus is ready, and I fall asleep in any position other than on my back, Linus will paw at me to get me to roll over so that he can nestle into the crook of my arm. He was very upset when I was pregnant and could not sleep on my back.  He took up permanent residence on my Snoogle pillow so that he could stay close to me.

This all works perfectly until Saki, the grey and white cat, comes along and tries to lay down right on top of Linus!  Now keep in mind, I have two arms.  When I am on my back, there are two “crooks” available for use.  But for some reason, both cats want to sleep in the crook of my left arm.  They will push each other out of the way to stake claim to this highly coveted sleeping spot.  Saki is bigger than Linus, and more persistent, so she usually ends up winning, and Linus moves down to the crook of my knee, which, when laying on my back, only exists if I pull one leg up and bend it like a 4.  And so, my sleeping position most nights looks something like a pretzel.  This all presents some unique challenges when the baby wakes up crying in the middle of the night and I need to carefully extricate myself from under the covers, with two cats on top of the covers pinning me down, without waking my husband up.  Saki will not, under any circumstances, budge from a position if she is comfy.  She will stay put until I physically pick her up and move her, which can pose quite a challenge when she is laying on top of my arm!

Saki was a stray who showed up in my sister’s garage about 7 years ago.  When I arrived to pick her up, she approached me without a bit of hesitation or caution.  She is far and away the friendliest cat I’ve ever known.  My friend Jen’s husband hates cats.  He says that he thinks cats would kill you if they could.  He’s never met Saki.  This cat will go to anyone.  She comes when you call her, fetches a ball and brings it back, and will cuddle with just about anything with a heartbeat.

At precisely 5 am every single morning, Saki, Linus, and our dog Bailey (AKA: The Douchebag) wake my husband up to let him know that it’s time for them to eat.  Between the cats and the baby, that is usually just about the time I am drifting off to sleep.  But honestly, look at those faces…who could stay mad at them?!?

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3 Responses to Frick & Frack

  1. jenvitalephotography says:

    I’m cracking up at the mention of my hubby. Haha. He still wouldn’t like Saki. 😉 But I love the kitties….

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