The ABCs of Miles

A is for apple.  You’re the apple of my eye.  It’s also for awesome, which is what I find motherhood to be.

B is for Boo.  You call your dog constantly.  It’s also for bath, which is your favorite part of bedtime.

C is for cousins.  I think Shelly’s your favorite right now.  It’s also for cheese, which is still your favorite food.

D is for Dada.  He lights up your world.  It’s also for doodles, which is apparently a good breakfast food these days.

E is for enamored.  I am completely, with you.

F is for feet.  Yours are the only ones I like.

G is for gogurt.  Most people call it yogurt.

H is for hello.  You say it when you pretend to answer your phone (or your hand, or your blocks, or whatever else you’re holding up to your ear).

I is for in love.  Ok, that’s two words, but it still works.

J is for jammy dance.  We do one every night when we put on your jammies.

K is for kale.  It’s perhaps the healthiest thing you eat. It’s also for Kathy, who we are very lucky to have!

L is for Linus, or Lineye as you call him.  Your dad calls him your little brother.

M is for Miles.  But your Bubby calls you Smiles.  It’s also for Mama, my favorite word from you.

N is for no.  It’s your favorite word most days.

O is for overwhelmed, overcome, and overjoyed.  I am all three at the mere thought of you.

P is for piddies.  Your littlest one goes Wee Wee Wee Wee! all the way home.

Q is for quiet moments.  They’re rare, but amazing.

R is for ransack.  It’s the only word to describe what you do to our house.  (We love you anyway.)

S is for Saki. Sometimes you love her a little too much.  It’s also for sleeping through the night, which you’re doing a lot more now.

T is for teeth.  You have more than your fair share for your age.  It’s also for teething…8 more teeth to go!

U is for Uh Oh.  It’s a common refrain around here.  It’s also for up, which you now know to say when you want to be picked up or climb the stairs.

V is for vivacious.  Your spirit brings life to our home.

W is for walking. You went from crawling to walking to running all in one weekend!

X is for Xcited (ok, I spelled that wrong, but cut me some slack on this one!).  Your excitement about the smallest things is contagious!

Y is for YAY!  Clap your hands when you say it.

Z is for Zadie.  Your grandfather’s smitten with you.

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