This Mother’s Oath

There are things I want to be sure to hold dear and true as my son grows.  As long as he breaths, these things I promise…

I promise never to dismiss your feelings.  I will validate your feelings even if I don’t understand them.

I promise never to laugh at you when you are upset.  If it’s serious to you, I will do my best to take it seriously as well.

I promise to laugh with you when you laugh, even if I don’t know what you’re laughing at.

I promise to comfort you when you cry.

I promise to try my hardest to let you accomplish things on your own, even when I want to help you find your way.

I promise to try to set a good example for you with my own actions, and to try not to be hypocritical.

I promise never to judge you for the choices you make.  I may not always agree with them, but I will do my best to respect your decisions.

I promise that the only time I will break that last promise is when you are in danger.  I promise to do whatever is within my power to protect you when you are in danger.  I promise to give my own life for yours if ever I should have to.

I promise to let you be who you are, and support you in every facet of that.

I promise to listen to your thoughts and ideas with any open mind, and to do my best to understand them so that I can support you more thoughtfully.

Most importantly, I promise to love you, without question and without condition, more than anyone else ever will, for every moment of my life and beyond.  There will never be a time when you are not loved and when you have no one to turn to.

These things I promise.

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