One more minute…

on hippity hop

It’s a phrase I say at least 100 times a day.  In one more minute, we’re putting your shoes on.  In one more minute, we’re leaving.  In one more minute, it’s time for a bath…time for bed…time to eat.  You just do better with a little warning before we switch things up on you.

You do it too.  When I try to leave your room at bedtime, you say “stay one more minute,” and I always do.  When we read stories, you always say “one more time” so I read it again.  When I hug you, you say “one more time” and I always hug you again.  “One more kiss?” You got it…always.

You see, you are two and a half, but you will only be two and a half for one more minute.  Everything is changing.  You’re turning from a toddler into a little boy before my eyes, and before I know it, you’ll be a young man and then a grown one.  It’s happening faster than I can keep up with.  You’re learning new things every day and breathing in the world around you at every opportunity.  It’s a lot for a kid to handle.  So when you need a little extra closeness with me, or a little extra time snuggling in bed, I will give it to you.  When you want one more hug or one more kiss, or one more minute of my time, I will give it to you.  Because chances are, you’ll only need those things from me for one more minute.

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2 Responses to One more minute…

  1. In a different twist on this, just today I was telling Anna, “You always tell me ‘Wait, Mom'” when I need you to get dressed or eat or get in the car, and then realized that it’s because I do that to her all the time too (though really, how fast do I have to run to go watch her poop?)

  2. Loren says:

    Brilliant! Thank for this today.

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