It’s hard. Period.

So Gweneth Paltrow made some stupid, judgmental comments on E! the other day.  And then McKenzie Dawson made some comments back calling Gweneth out on her stupid, judgmental comments.  Gweneth says it’s harder being a movie star mom than it is being a “regular mom.”  Stupid.  McKenzie says it’s harder being a “regular mom” than a movie star mom.  Stupid as well.  Every mother has her struggles.  Sure, Gweneth has the luxury of financial independence in a way that most working moms don’t.  But does that mean she misses her kids any less when she travels for two weeks at a stretch?  And sure, many “regular moms” get out of work at 5 pm and get to spend the evening with their kids.  But does that make the financial stress any less?  Or bedtime for that matter?  Every mom has her struggles.

While I certainly appreciate Dawson’s piece for calling attention to the absurdity of Paltrow’s comments, I think she went about it in a destructive and degrading way.  Moms have enough people shooting them down every step of the way.  We don’t need to do it to each other.  So Gweneth and McKenzie, how about we try patting ourselves and each other on the backs once in a while for the outstanding job we’re all doing keeping our heads above water in this great sea of motherhood.  Motherhood is not a competition to determine who has it harder.  It’s hard.  Period.  So let’s stop judging each other and cutting each other down, and instead start supporting and encouraging each other, both publicly and privately.

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One Response to It’s hard. Period.

  1. Loren says:

    Well put. When my friends first went back to work and I stayed at home, it was very easy to compare how “hard” each road was. We each tried very hard not to judge the other and for the most part the hardest part was not being jealous of the other.

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