Happy freakin Labor Day

It was Labor Day weekend and here at our pad, not a creature was sleeping. Things had gotten quite bad.

The boy had a fever, with a bad croupy hack. The girl cut a tooth, on the left, near the back.

“Cuddle in bed with me, could you please mom? I want you to stay, and please leave the light on,”

The four year old begged with a sad look in his eye, when what should I hear from below, but a cry.

The baby was up, and she wanted to nurse. My husband went in and he tried not to curse.

“Switch kids with me” I said as I whipped out my breast. “The boy is quite ill, we’ll be getting no rest.”

“Can I please have some water?” I heard the boy call. So I got him a drink and some Advil for all.

Some for his fever and some for her tooth. I’m not sure she needed it to tell you the truth.

But no one is sleeping. We’ll try anything. It’s been two more hours, so I’m nursing again.

I rock and I sway, get the baby to doze, but when I lay her down gently she always knows.

In comes my hubby. “Did you wash your hands?” I ask? Spreading these germs will double out tasks!

So he washes. He scrubs. Then he gets her to sleep. We both put our heads down and try to count sheep.

She’s sleeping. He’s sleeping. Quick, get me some zzz’s. But now my husband is snoring. Oh jeez!

He’s loud. So loud. Like a Mac truck. And I’m honestly thinking, “Honey, you suck!”

But it’s not his fault. He’s tired too. So up to the guest room with my pillow I flew.

Sweet quiet. Sweet slumber. I drift off at last! Then the cat appears. The black one. The ass.

3:30 am, the cat wants to play. I lock him out. It’s been a long freakin day!

I try one more time. This time success. I sleep for an hour! Maybe a bit less.

The baby wakes up. It’s 4:45. I’m not really sure if I’m dead or alive.

So this Labor Day, when you’re drinking your beer, please have one for me, we’ll be spreading no cheer.

Whatever the time, you can be sure we’re awake. Please think of us and enjoy your break!

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2 Responses to Happy freakin Labor Day

  1. momof1and10 says:

    Nice laugh for a Saturday morning. I have a sick little one and haven’t slept for 2 nights. Hope all is well your way soon!

  2. Pat says:

    Hang in there Cori it really does get easier.

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